“We have been providing accredited direct mail for many years and we expect ISO 27001 to open even more doors to us and attract new clients.”

Jayce Verma, Mail Shark Chief information security officer

Mail Shark UK is an independently owned company providing commercial print and direct mail for clients in the retail, health, financial, media, charity and public sectors as well as creative agencies and print management companies.
• Existing procedures put to the test against ISO standards
• ISO 27001 process greatly enhances existing data security controls
• ISO certifications help to attract new clients and business
• Now meeting tender requirements as a direct result

Achieving ISO 27001 has improved the way our business operates and also helped in attracting new clients and business.

Mail Shark have long held a reputation for seeking the latest and most innovative technology to offer their clients the highest quality printing at the most competitive prices. With trusted brands such as Monsoon, Chestertons and Coca Cola in their care, ensuring robust data security is a must.

Jayce Verma, responsible for overseeing the implementation of their ISO 27001 management system tells us why attaining the standard was important for them;

“Whilst we had existing security house management and procedures and systems in place, it was time to put them to the test against ISO standards so we could improve and then promote our achievement to current and future clients.”

Once Mail Shark established the need for ISO 27001, they had to choose an appropriate ISO 27001 ISMS consultant to work with to obtain their certification. Jayce explains why ISMS ALLIANCE were the obvious choice for them;

“ISMS ALLIANCE had a proactive approach and a good understanding of our business needs.”

Whilst ISO 27001 was new to Mail Shark, Jayce explained that by following the implementation process closely and staying actively involved, he was able to allay the fears of his team;

“The team here expected the implementation to be a huge project to undertake, however with good management and advice we broke down the requirements and managed it well.”

Jayce went on to explain how the support of their ISO 27001 External Auditor complimented the work of their team;

“The audit process went well with the help of our External Auditor, making it a smooth process.”

For Mail Shark clients, meeting the requirements of ISO 27001 further demonstrates that not only is information security taken seriously, but that everyone within the organisation is information security aware.

Mail Shark join the likes of Xerox in providing assurance to their clients that data is safe in their hands. Jayce concluded;

“We are pleased to have gone through the ISO 27001 process as it has really enhanced our existing data security controls and processes.”

As more industries and suppliers realise the importance of ISO 27001 and the added data security it provides, it has quickly upped the ranks as a prerequisite on tenders. Dave Sullivan, Managing Director at Mail Shark, confirmed this trend and the benefits the company have reaped as a consequence of achieving certification;

“More and more tenders are requiring certification to ISO 27001 and for certain contracts it is becoming a necessity. ISO 27001 is already improving the way our business operates and helped in attracting new clients and business as a direct result of certification. We expect ISO 27001 to open more doors to us in the future.” increasing their satisfaction levels.”

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